LED Video Walls & Displays

Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications

Advertising Led displays


for real-time

route information

Real time signs and displays for motorway traffic management

Tunnel Emergency signs


Led technology emergency signs specifically designed for tunnels

Monitor Electronics |our company will remain closed

Manufacturing and supply

of LED technology products

operating in several different countries


Monitor Electronics is a well known company in the domain of design, manufacturing, and supply of LED technology products, operating in several different countries. At Monitor Electronics we make the best use of our 33 years experience in electronic products development, our state of the art manufacturing facilities, and top Quality LEDs and electronic components, with a view to satisfying the demands of our customers .


Traffic Displays, Passenger Information Displays, Tunnel Emergency signs, Commercial Displays, Led Video Displays, Electronic Manufacturing Services and custom made products.


Monitor Electronics engineers are available to answer technical questions and provide you with the right information for your product. Download drivers, software and Manuals.

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